Focused where moments matter most.

Unlike most experiential marketing and management consultants, BWF concentrates on four practices that demand a higher standard of event performance. While each practice focuses on a unique type of moment, all share the same need for thorough development, ingenious creative, seamless delivery, and continuous customer care at far greater scales and discipline than a one-off event.


Sports & Athletics

BWF celebrates fans and participants of athletic pursuits at every level, from professional sports franchises and university athletics programs to immersive esports, community sports festivals, and youth training camps. We apply the same rigorous methodology to developing branded sporting experiences that reflect the social personas of each stakeholder group; fielding a complete dimensional experience, from tourney development and execution through technology management, ticket sales, and attendee hospitality; and building a drumbeat of awareness among media and the community.


Special Events

Annual awards ceremonies, corporate meetings, and association conferences place a premium on the organizer’s ability to deliver a multi-day experience with the diversity and dimensionality to truly engage attendees, industry influencers, and business development talent. BWF can create and deliver special events at national scales, including technical and creative content development, performance talent, sub-branded and audience-specific events, private hospitality, and all related pre-event promotions and registration.



From food, wine, and music festivals, to concerts and theatrical performances, BWF understands what it takes to book, promote, and sell a public-facing event to a large-scale audience. Our team’s holistic approach creates a drumbeat of anticipation and excitement designed to carry audiences from announcement and ticket sale opening through curtain time, while empowering that audience to share that experience through social media and merchandise sales — and to do this in as many locations as the market demands.


Restaurants & Retail

BWF has special proficiencies in supporting the unique needs of restaurants and retail. We have a deeper appreciation of the nuanced consumer personas and motivators that drive these experiences, and can craft targeted campaigns and opening celebrations that have the power to cut through today’s crowded retail environment. We apply the same thinking and skills when supporting retail entrepreneurs during expansions, moves, and theme shifts.