four steps to assured success.

Event success is never an accident. BWF applies a consistent methodology to each experience regardless of its scale, so your stakeholders always get the thought and care they deserve when interacting with your brand — and each other.



BWF starts our experience marketing process with a comprehensive review of your goals, environment, resources, constraints, and dependencies. We use these insights — from debrief sessions, interviews, competitive benchmarks, focus groups, and surveys — to draft a vision for your experience that includes themes, appeals, content, talent, vendors, locations, and any other relevant inputs. Your team participates fully in this process, to ensure that the resulting plan works in step with your organization’s culture and stakeholders.



BWF then develops every necessary execution detail from this plan, including specific communication and implementation tactics. Each recommended action includes clear identification of its owner, processes, and success metrics. Your experience’s creative platform goes through a special process of its own, from ideation and conceptualizing through audience or influencer tests. We make sure no step is left behind and no contingency left unprepared.



BWF also puts in place any resources necessary to seamlessly execute your event plan. We have the vendor, content, and talent relationships needed to support planning and execution horizons from annual events to quarterly or bimonthly engagements. We can also project these capabilities into any North American metropolitan area, so you can conduct multi-dimensional thought-leadership campaigns with the same level of proficiency and professionalism as global enterprises.



BWF designs and execute every experience to deliver on promised results. That’s why we sustain scrupulous controls over costs and contingencies, maintain regular client and stakeholder meetings to confirm consensus and ensure alignment toward our goals, report regularly on progress and corrective steps, and close every action with a final report. We anticipate the need, communicate the change, and document the outcome.